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Dale Cornish

This mix is a collection of some of my favourite pieces of music and sound from television idents, introduction/title music and adverts.
This mix was inspired by two pieces of music, both of which are included in the mix. Firstly, the MTV Asia ‘Edit’ ident, which has fascinated me ever since hearing it on the BBC/WGBH ‘People’s Century’ documentary series - a perfect six seconds of sound. The second was finally stumbling upon a Compaq advert I hadn’t seen for years, and finding out this music was by Aphex Twin.
Since Youtube, Dailymotion and other sources have been available it has been easier to track down these fleeting pieces of sound, which are often commissioned pieces of music that are generally not available for the public to buy. As such the quality of some of the sources is variable. However, please note all fades, silences, gaps and volumes are intentional.

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